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Bernd Kohn

It's only Rock'n Roll . .

Portrait of Bernd Kohn - Musician, Composer, Musicalauthor

Bernd Kohn is a musician, musical author and composer from Germany who releases music on all major streaming platforms under his own name and the pseudonym Lee Drummer.
His artistic journey began with a love of playing drums and developed into a passionate connection and symbiosis with the art of storytelling and composing.





     Cantus Verlag



   29.06.24    Ahlen
   10.07.24     Braunschweig
    15.07.24     Luisenburg

    20.07.24    Soest WDR
    26.07.24    Sommeralm SR
    14.09.24    Erbach
    28.09.24   Bad Gandersheim
    11.10.24     Bad Lippspringe
    31.10.24     Füssen Festspielhaus
    07.12.24    Wollersheim
    18.01.25    Mannheim

   23. - 26.11.24   Assenheim 
    29. - 30.11.24   Assenheim
    05. - 08.12.24  Bad Nauheim 

   Mapex Drums
    Paiste Cymbals



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